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I write about a broad range of topics that are relevant to our lives, such as climate change, politics, health care, world peace, and advice to young adults.

Also, as my header shows, I have a few fictional pieces to take you away, if need be, from the drudgery of the real world.

Please feel free to weigh in with your own views in the comments (though I won’t always be able to respond).

One of my goals with Relevant Matters is to challenge readers’ thinking and, hopefully, to encourage them to challenge mine right back.

My primary goal is to equip readers with some of the thoughts and insights gleaned from my seventy-plus years on this earth, in the hope that I can help them live a better life.

Remember: Be kind and be caring. And love children — not just your own — with all your heart and soul.

This picture can give only a small clue to how much I love my granddaughter, who makes me far happier than my smile can ever reveal.

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4 Responses to About

  1. Joanne Vine says:

    I responded to your post on unintended consequences. (the long one:-) I am interested in many of the same issues, in the process of figuring out what actions to take and how. I like the way your blog is laid out, Is it wordpress or simply my inexperience? (http://fromshiningsea.blogspot.com).

    • relevantmatters says:

      Thanks for the compliment about my WordPress blog. I use the Contempt theme. I don’t do anything fancy with it — I just started writing and posting. If it looks nice, it’s not my fault!

  2. Hello there! This is the second time visiting now and I
    really just wanted to say I truley get pleasure from looking through your blog site.
    I decided to bookmark it at digg.com with the title: Relevant Matters | Issues relevant to us all: politics,
    peace, relationships, health care, climate change, and (for
    relief) fictional stories and your Domain name:
    https://relevantmatters.wordpress.com/. I hope this is ok with you, I’m making an attempt to give your
    wonderful blog a bit more exposure. Be back shortly.

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